Kitchen remodel in Riverside, CA

Arlington Kitchen Remodel

Riverside, California

This was a great kitchen remodel project for a couple of love birds who used to look out there kitchen window and see nothing but open land. Times have definitely changed, and so, their kitchen needed to as well! Their request was to utilize the most cabinet space while keeping a nice functional look for a kitchen of that size. They also wanted a nice large countertop with bar stools to serve pancakes to there grandkids when they come to visit. It was difficult for these customers to visualize the new kitchen based only on a floor plan, so they took advantage of our rendering service to provide lifelike images of there new kitchen before the project was even started! To utilize this space we needed to move over the sink base and window over slightly, which as a result, squared up the space perfectly with the kitchen entry door. This was a fun and entertaining project, did I mention these customers had the largest collection of movies and music I have ever seen! Thanks for the great tunes!